Current: Volume 5 (May - Aug 2021)

Vol 5 (4)

Using the ARIMA Model to forecast sexual and gender-based violence cases reported to a tertiary hospital in Lusaka, Zambia [Research]
Mwansa Ketty Lubeya, Patrick Kaonga, Jane Chanda Kabwe, Namunji Matale, Jane Mwamba Mumba, Christabel Chigwe Phiri, Astridah Yikona Maseka, Fadillah Kankasa Mulenga, Eslon Chama, Moses Mukosha, Maureen Chisembele, Bellington Vwalika, Chipepo Kankasa
PAMJ-OH. Volume 5 (4). 11 May 2021 (PDF in process)

Vol 5 (3)

Improving access, quality and efficiency in health care delivery in Nigeria: a perspective [Perspective]
McKing Izeiza Amedari, Ifunanya Carista Ejidike
PAMJ-OH. Volume 5 (3). 07 May 2021 (PDF in process)

Vol 5 (2)

Current COVID-19 situation in Palestine [Commentary]
Morad Yaser Al Mostafa, Yazeed Fawwaz Abu Ruman, Waed Yaser Saleem Odeh, Hashim Talib Hashim, Mustafa Ahmed Ramadhan, Mohammad Yasir Essar, Shoaib Ahmad
PAMJ-OH. Volume 5 (2). 06 May 2021 (PDF in process)

Vol 5 (1)

Effects of COVID-19 on HIV services: the case of Malawi [Commentary]
Patrick Mbulaje, Symon Fidelis Nayupe, Steven Munharo, Chikondi Nkwanju, Confidence Banda, Don Eliseo Lucero-Prisno III
PAMJ-OH. Volume 5 (1). 03 May 2021 (PDF in process)
Volume 5 (May - Aug 2021)
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